HartLife NFP now accepting writer submissions for new ongoing serial podcast

HartLife NFP is a Chicago-based audio fiction production company, responsible for the podcast serial Our Fair City. Our Fair City is a darkly comedic, post-apocalyptic audio drama serial, examining climate change, corporate consumerism, and more.

In April of 2017, HartLife NFP will begin development of a new ongoing serial.  The production will be set in a new world and will gravitate towards genre works- with mystery, thriller, and Midwestern Gothic themes as a starting point. The story will be told primarily through a scripted, fictional podcast series, but will incorporate a wide range of artistic media.

We are seeking Chicago-based writers to join our team in the development stage of this production. These writers will work with our artistic staff to generate a show bible for the multi-season audio drama, including shaping the theme, world, characters, and plot. We will meet every other week for six weeks, developing and paring down ideas as a group.

After development, these writers will be given the option to continue with the production as part of the writers’ room.

HartLife NFP prides itself on maintaining a professional, respectful, and collaborative environment with a dedication to both artistic quality and positive experiences for our artists. We work out of a recording studio and rehearsal hall in Bucktown, and have been recognized internationally in the audio drama community for our work.  Our Fair City has received over 1 million downloads through iTunes and other podcasting services, and has featured guest appearances by the stars of Welcome to Night Vale (Cecil Baldwin and Symphony Sanders), The Bright Sessions (Lauren Shippen), Wolf 359 (Gabriel Urbina and Zach Valenti), Wooden Overcoats (Beth Eyre and Felix Trench), Hello from the Magic Tavern (Matt Young), and more.  You can hear a few samples of our work here: Season 6/Episode 12 of Our Fair City, a standalone piece called “Beyond the Door,” and a short documentary piece we created about our sound collection process.

To be considered, please submit a resume and two writing samples to [email protected] by February 28, 2017.  One sample  should be in a script format- either for stage, audio, film or television.  The other can be prose, poetry, or script, as long as it is fictional in nature.  Writing samples should be no greater than 20 pages in length each.  There is a stipend attached to the development process.