Tara Schile
Actor (Elizabeth Rourke, Various)

Tara Schile voices Elizabeth Rourke in Our Fair City, as well as copious mole people, riggers, relations technicians, and more (that’s the bonus of being the wife of the Sound Designer!). In real life, Tara owns two businesses: Sincere Costumes and Sincerely Twisted, both accessible via her website at www.TaraSchile.com. She is also a freelance makeup artist, with 14 years of professional experience under her belt. She was the owner of the Comedy/Tragedy Acting School in New Smyrna Beach, Florida, and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Performing Arts Management from Columbia College Chicago.

In her spare time, Tara enjoys “geek conventions” and traveling, as well as going on adventures with her husband, Ryan. They have a Border Collie/Lab Mix, named Dean Yeager, and three cats, Data, Yoda, and Mal (short for Malcolm Reynolds). She loves movies, holidays, and laughing, and her favorite color is glitter.