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First Recording Session for Season Two!

Jeffrey Gardner: Co-Creator/Director

June 11th, 2011, sitting down to our first recording session for Season Two.  We’re experimenting with technology today: working on simultaneously recording actors with a matched pair of microphones.  I’m lounging on the couch with my laptop and Clayton is watching sound levels on his desktop, while Ryan, sound designer and actor, is testing the microphones for ideal placement.  It’s so incredibly exciting to be here: better organized, with more technical know-how and more of a handle on the medium itself.

So much is happening quickly- new scripts are coming in from the writers, we’ve got new actors and old ones returning to play with us again, we have a production manager and meetings with a lawyer (the good kind of meetings-more on that soon!) and a new, fully tricked-out website.  The number of visitors to the site has been steadily increasing, and we have a host of amazing artists contributing work.

That being said: it’s retaining the fun of a couple of occasionally geeky artists, hanging out in a garden apartment recording some radio.

UPDATE: Check out these photos from the recording session by Travis Sauder!