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From the Desk of Commander Thomas G. Anderson

From the Desk of Commander Thomas G. Anderson

To: Vice President Davenport
Re: Ham Radio Operator

Sir, first of all, let me just say that it is a pleasure to be addressing you once again. I hope you’ve found all our work satisfactory and I look forward to a close working relationship in the future.

Regarding the ham radio operator from here on referred to as “the resource.” From what we can tell he is merely one of a group of youths who feel that communication should be free both in content and cost. Coordinating between the Mostly Uncooperative Resource Data Extraction Registry and our own department of M.U.R.D.E.R. we have come up with a list of names, which I have one of our best, most loyal, agents running down.

It should be noted that at no time, even under the most heinous incentives did the resource admit to perpetrating the fraudulent radio broadcasts. It is his assertion that he only received the supposed distress calls from so-called other cities warning of a mysterious stranger posing as a doctor. This is of course nonsense, as there are no other existing cities other than ours. However, to keep those lesser policies who may be gullible enough to believe such a hoax, I think that all exterior hatches should be checked and locked. If you agree, I will send my very subordinate agent to do this menial task as a reward for being his very subordination.

Again, it was a pleasure to work on this for you. If there’s anything I or my department can do for you in the future, please do not hesitate to ask.

Commander Thomas G Anderson, Supervising Director Department of M.U.R.D.E.R.

Memo read and inspected by Vice Presidential Secretary #17


Can’t wait for new episodes of Our Fair City? Neither can our Mysterious Stranger.

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From the Desk of Commander Thomas G. Anderson

To: George Chamberlain, Special Investigator
Re: Communication

Since you are unwilling to voluntarily keep me informed regarding your current whereabouts
and activities, newly revised Department of M.U.R.D.E.R. guidelines state that, effective
immediately, all investigators, special and otherwise, must provide electronic updates for the
benefit of their superiors. Your superiors meaning me. There are NO exceptions to this rule. I
expect your first update to be uploaded to my computer no later than 3600 hours.

Commander Thomas G. Anderson, Supervising Director Department of M.U.R.D.E.R.


To: George Chamberlain, Special Investigator
Re: Re: Communication

The interdepartmental mix-up has been resolved. Now it is OUR Department of M.U.R.D.E.R.
that is required to file updates and no the Minor Utility Rotisserie Delicatessen Egg Repository.
Though they continue to anyway for some reason. Who on earth would want to follow
their “adventures” in the battle against salmonella? But I digress. You are expected to begin
charting your progress via the designated website for the review of your senior administrator.
Again, meaning me. In case they were left out, let me stress the words IMMEDIATELY and

Commander Thomas G. Anderson, Supervising Director Department of M.U.R.D.E.R.


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“Backstage” with the artists of Our Fair City

Our new friend and visual artist Ryan Simmons (you can see his artwork in Episode 12: The Chase!) has been kind enough to share a few of his thoughts on the characters of Our Fair City:

“Some earlier sketches had Neal in something that looked a little more like a deep-sea diving suit, but I figured HartLife probably doesn’t care that much about the PWC’s.  I invented a few gadgets not seen on the sketch for Chamberline to use, like a recorder built into an overly large ring, and a pistol with a bit of the aesthetic of an old Cadillac: unessential fins and stuff.”

“My Neal turned out VERY different from how I’ve seen him getting drawn so far, but I really like the idea of him as this working class prince charming: of course, nobody notices it because he usually smells terrible, wears dirty rubber clothing, and talks like a farmer, but among his colleagues?  Legend.  The big belt is based on something I’ve seen warehouse workers wearing, to keep their backs straight when they lift heavy objects.”

“Whenever I draw Neal, I imagine him having a captain America look under all the shit: cleft chin, plastered blond hair, strong jaw.  Whereas Chamberlain is the anorexic lovechild of Fox Mulder, any Matrix agent, and a scarecrow made of beef jerky.  Think I just described Christian Bale.”

One of our favorite things about having the primary material in purely audio form are the fascinating and divergent interpretations of all of the characters!  Everyone seems them differently–it is a whole lot of fun for us as creators to see the characters brought to life in a lot of different ways!