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Art Sneak Preview!

Hello Policies,

Things are buzzing around our respective “offices” (by which we mean apartments) about the upcoming work for Season Two of Our Fair City.  We begin recording on June 11th, and have begun organizing the artists who will be contributing Episode Images!  Already confirmed are Steph Charaska, Dann Tincher,  and Eric Ervine, among many others!


Speaking of Eric Ervine’s work, he’s shared some of his preliminary drawings for “The Science Fair Blue Ribbon Club,” one of the many gangs of roving scientists who hustle, threaten, extort, and experiment on or with the Policies of HartLife.  Check them out below!

    I particularly love the “Periodic Tables” neck tattoo, the chemical burns around the goggles, and the Solar System Tattoo…plus the fact that they all appear to be wearing labcoats with the sleeves ripped off.


    Jeffrey G