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Blooper Reel: Season One Classic and Season Two

Go behind the scenes with the Vice Presidents as they present, in all of its somewhat dubious glory, the Seasons One Classic/Season Two blooper reel.  Be warned, there is a fair amount of foul language (y’know, if you’re bothered by that sort of thing).  A huge thank you to all of the amazing performers, technicians, writers, and others who have come together to create Our Fair City- here’s to many hours of laughs, hijinks, and dubious noises made into microphones.

  • Always singing —Tara Schile
  • The Voice of…reason? — Clayton Faits
  • Not sure about how plants work — Ryan Schile
  • Not actually British — Leslie Nesbit
  • Has the wrong script — Jeffrey Gardner
  • Talking to himself — Jim McDoniel
  • Zombies all over — Terri LaMont
  • Fightin’ Noises— Mark Soloff
  • Upset by doorbells — Nathan Sowell
  • There’s a problem with this — Ansel Burch
  • Has seen all kinds of things — Tyler Samples
  • Acts so hard his ears pop — Frank Sjodin
  • Swears like a sailor — Martine Moore
  • Understands indecipherable notes— Michael Tomczak

 Edited (butchered) by Jeffrey Gardner. Photographic Proof by Travis Sauder. Approved of by no-one at all.