Sebastian H. Orr
Staff¬†Photographer/Episode Artist/Actor (Neal Henderson Seasons 3+, Podwell, Ol’ Silty, Paul Faits, Various)

Though he currently lives and works in Chicago, Sebastian hails from sunny Ohio, where he was born, raised, and educated. When he has the time, Sebastian acts and he writes. He is a twice-produced playwright, and has performed in more plays than he can count on all his fingers and toes, even though, yes, yes, he knows, it’s really been a while.

If he doesn’t have the time, it’s probably because he is busy capturing headshots, portraits, or event photos for Sebastian Orr Photography, where he serves as photographer, owner, HR department, chief of marketing, receptionist, janitor, and… you get the idea. You can see examples of his work at

In between things, he reads books and watches movies and plays games (some board, some video), and tries to do so with as many friends as he can find.