Old About Us

Our Fair City is a campy post-apocalyptic science fiction radio epic…for the internet.
A darkly funny, highly whimsical look at corporate consumerism all grown up, Our Fair City is set in the not so distant future: the skies are stormy, and the landscape is a vast frozen tundra. Lightning rigs high above the city gather energy from thunderstorms, mad scientists walk the earth, and adorably monstrous Molepeople dig tunnels deep underground to expand the city’s habitable space.

HartLife NFP, is organized to produce high-craft audio storytelling,

make it readily accessible to the public without charge,

and educate the public in the production of the auditory arts.

Clayton Faits –                           – Cast and Crew –                         – Jeffrey Gardner

Ryan Schile –                         – Writing Staff –                        – Michael Tomczak

All photographs by Meredith Gerber of Silhouette Studios

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Our Founding Donors

These incredible individuals donated their hard-earned dollars to make Our Fair City a reality.  We are incredibly thankful, and have reserved them an appropriate place in the Tower when the apocalypse comes.

Vice Presidents:
Peter Shibley, Paul Faits, Chris Warren, Ryan Schile

Jim Pope Nancy Marks, J.S. Majer, Terri LaMont, William Gardner

Karleen Preator, Dan Schaeffer, Sarah Grim, Joseph

Shift Leaders:
Jennifer Laubacher, Cori Hirai, Margaret McDoniel, Mike Ludders, Kathleen Pajer

Ed Faits, Erin Ellingwood, Steph Charaska, Meghan McDoniel, David Flaherty, Emily Venezia, Catherine Cefalu, Jamey Murray-Coleman, Aiesha, Tobias Greenich, John Bowditch, Greg Kavalec, Jess, Ally Halperin, Bill Nowicki, Janet Burroway, Frank R Sjodin, Makena Levine, J Lakin

StreetSafe Monitors:
Danny Cordell, Wendy Schultz, Tyler, Hannah W-D, David Rheinstrom, Sarah Shockey, Joe Zarrow, Hannah S. Trostle, Claire Gresham, Patrick Shaw

Tara Schile, Lindsey McDD, Annie Lambla, Sarah Palmer, Nick Disabato, Megan Smith, dmbrent, Megaton Dot Us, Sharon Weisberg, Walt McGough, Mia Park, Deanna Lesht, Kaele Leonard, Anthony Fischer, Alexis McAdams, Leslie Nesbit, Barbara Klein, Jonathan Martin, chaz & nina, Myles Barros, Michael Williams, Kennon Ballou, Michael Rocchino, 2percentright, Frank Savedra, Jami Krause, Ali Ukani, Jeremy Kerr, John Eternal, Lauren Katz, king0fprussia, Noam Fischoff, David Hernandez, InvertedVantage