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Our Fair City Returns to CONvergence in 2015

Loyal Policies,

We are so very pleased to announce that this summer,  Our Fair City will be returning to the CONvergence convention in Minneapolis, MN over the fourth of July weekend!

We will be hosting several panels on audiodrama, post-apocalyptic storytelling, and arts management throughout the weekend, as well as hosting another open call recording session for crowd scenes!  Consult the Programming guide for more details.



We’re also thrilled to be bringing The Archibald FunnyPants Radio Hour to the CONvergence Mainstage this year.  This 45 minute show combines live foley, music, and performance in what can only be described as “A Prairie Home Companion” in the world of “1984.”

Join us at 4 pm on Sunday, July 5th (directly before closing ceremonies)!


We’ll see you in the (Minneapolis) Tunnels,

Vice President Gardner



Merchandise and Sales Position Opening with HartLife NFP

Want to come work with an awesome group of dedicated artists and administrators, spreading the good word about HartLife and supporting the Our Fair City Audiodrama?  We’re looking to add a Merchandise and Sales Lead to our team!

If interested, please send your resume and a few words about why you’d like to work with us to [email protected].

Position Description:

The Merch/Sales Lead will head up all Merch and Sales Related activities, making Our Fair City merchandise available to the public through both a webstore and at merch tables at our live events.

We want someone who can take the strong visual and aural aesthetic of Our Fair City and get it out into the world through t-shirts, comics, prints, or any other way you can imagine!  We’re looking for someone who can craft a line of merchandise that people will love, and want to snap up as soon as possible.

Design/Ordering: Collaborate with Visual Arts Director to design and order merch.

Inventory Tracking: Keep up to date inventory on all merch in stock.

Tracking/Reporting Sales: Keep records of sales made to report  to Finance Officer. Analyze sales to advise on future merch inventory purchases. Set financial goals for company to meet through merch.

Online Sales: Establish (in collaboration with Visual Arts Department and CTO), online store. The Merch/Sales Lead will be responsible for both Webstore Maintenance- keeping products up to date, adding new products, and managing order fulfillment (with assistance from other HartLife staff if necessary).

Working Merch Table (Live Events/Shows): Develop best practices for working Merch Table at Live Events/Shows. The Merch/Sales Lead will be responsible for working the table or recruiting, training, and scheduling volunteers from within the company to work the table at events (Currently, approximately 4-5 events/shows per year, including a runs at the Chicago Fringe Festival, Launch Parties, conventions and other events).

Additional Projects: Help to develop and run additional sales projects, in collaboration with company and Fundraiser.



  • Strong sense of aesthetics and design skills
  • Talent to create a desirable and exciting merchandise line
  • Excellent interpersonal skills.
  • Excellent organizational skills.
  • Experience working with Inventory and Sales desired.
  • Experience with online stores and inventory management strongly desired.
  • Technology Qualifications:
    • Intermediate/Advanced Google Docs (especially spreadsheets)
    • Intermediate/Advanced Google Calendar
    • Experience with Square/PayPal
    • Web metrics/Google Analytics

HartLife NFP Returns to the Chicago Fringe Festival!

Loyal Policies,

The Directors are very excited to announce that HartLife NFP will be returning to the Chicago Fringe Festival this year, presenting an all-new live episode of set in the world of Our Fair City!

We are also excited to officially announce that this new piece will be co-written by none other than Our Fair City’s Kat Evans and Ele Matelan, and directed by HartLife and Fringe regular, Jennifer Olson!

We hope you’ll join us in September for another great year at the Fringe Festival: stay tuned for more details.

Photo by Jenna Braunstein Photography


See you in the tunnels,


Vice President Gardner

HartLife NFP is seeking a Director for our 2015 Chicago Fringe Festival live production

HartLife NFP is seeking a director to lead the production team for a brand-new live show set in the world of Our Fair City, to be performed at the 2015 Chicago Fringe Festival. This show will have a 7-show run between September 3rd and 13th.

The show will be staged as a live audiodrama, though we welcome creative or unique interpretations of the medium.

As a part of the collaborative team, the director will work with our writing team to develop the show between April and July. Rehearsals will begin in August. There is a small stipend attached to this position.

To be considered, please submit a resume to HartLife NFP Executive Producer Jeffrey Gardner at [email protected] by 3/25/2015. Interviews will be conducted by phone or in person in the weeks following.

Photo by Jenna Braunstein Photography, from the 2014 Chicago Fringe Festival

Our Fair City will not be attending ChiFi 2015

Loyal Policies,

We regret to inform you that HartLife NFP will not be able to attend the ChiFi 2015 convention this weekend as previously hoped.

We sincerely apologize to fans who were looking forward to seeing us there.  We will have more information soon regarding opportunities to see the artists behind Our Fair City live and in person (who we can assure you are alive and well and were NOT deliberately infected with a new strain of rat flu.  We promise).

Thank you for your understanding, and as always,

We’ll see you in the tunnels,

Jeffrey Gardner

Executive Producer, HartLife NFP

Our Fair City joins Improvised Star Trek on stage at Chicago’s iO theater!

Loyal Policies:

On Sunday, February 22nd the Our Fair City team will be joining Improvised Star Trek on stage at the iO theater!

As the opening act for their fantastic, completely improvised Star Trek episodes, HartLife NFP presents The Evening of Exclusion – a live performance in the style of old-time radio. Thrill as our post-apocalyptic heroes mount a desperate last stand against starvation, monstrous marauders, and the Patriarchy!  This one-night-only performance is chock full of song, satire, and subversion.

Tickets are $12, show starts at 8:30pm in the Chris Farley Cabaret at iO theater: 1501 N. Kingsbury St., Chicago, IL 60642.

Tickets for the show are available here!

Our Fair City: The Evening of Exclusion will feature:

Abby Doud as Beatrice
Kat Evans as Narrator / Outsider Leader
Dave Stecco as Papa Hart
David Rheinstrom as Uncle Bill / Moleperson
Jeffrey Gardner on Mandolin/Vocals
and Stephen Poon on Guitar

Ryan Bond: Production Manager
Betsey Palmer: Musical Director
Stephanie Spence: Writer
Mark Soloff: Director

Season Six is Here!

Loyal Policies,

We’re so excited to finally get to share Season Six of Our Fair City with you all!  Season Six will be another 20 episode season, released every other week on Wednesdays here on the website, on our podcast feed and through iTunes.  Episode 2 will be coming February 4th, 2015.

The Season Six launch party was a smashing success: Policies gathered, danced, posed with a giant ant, and toasted to the continued future of the company (and the podcast).

The Lightning Riggers are not afraid of the AntPeople

We’ve got so many people to thank for their work on the Launch Party- Melissa Schlesinger for her set and environmental design, Bri Johnson for her lighting design, Makena Levine for her creation of the massive ant sculpture/puppet and additional shadow-puppet designs, DJ Catnip for providing both environmental sound design and the best music a policy could desire, our performers Ele Matelan and Samuel Kohlhass, our violence choreographer Justin Fill, our volunteer coordinator Julie Schaeffer, our cooks David Rheinstrom and Duo Yang, our cocktail designer Mark Harrison, our photographers Jenna Braunstein and Mike Borden, our Board Events Chair Jennifer Olson, our community manager Lauren Faits and marketing director Ryan Bond, our visual art team Dann Tincher and Ryan Simmons, the HUGE number of volunteers from our community that worked the bar, sold merch, or worked the door, and especially the party management team:   Cat Cefalu, Madelaine Schmitt, and Betsey Palmer.

We’d also like to thank all of the buisnesses and individuals that donated to our raffle, spread the word about the event, or supported the party in other ways, including: Dusty Groove, Chimera’s Comics, Blue Box Cafe, Trader Joe’s, the Blue Man Group, Blackhearts Hair House, Lagunitas Brewing, the 3d Printer Experience, Chicago Comics, Chicago Loot Drop, Geek Spotting Podcast, Universal Geek Podcast, The Nerdologues, VStheUniverse, Alcohollywood Podcast, Blastropodcast, The NerdOutcast Podcast, The Den Theater, Megan salyer Morris, Phil Hansen, Aidan McCormick, Steph Charaska, Samuel Kohlhaas, Justin Fill, Cold Basement Dramatics, Haven Theatre Co., The Plagiarists, Toxic Bag Productions, Space Happens, the Cast and Crew of Dear Stone Theater Company’s “Art,” Collaboraction, and Geek Bar Chicago!

Thank you all again so much—and enjoy the sixth season of Our Fair City!

See you in the tunnels,

Vice President Gardner

Season Six Launch Party: January 17, 2015

Loyal Policies,

We are incredibly excited to announce that the launch of Season Six of Our Fair City will take place on January 17, 2015!

Season Six will be returning to a 20-episode season format, with episodes ranging from 10-20 minutes in length released every other Wednesday throughout the year.

We will also  be kicking off the season in style at the Flat Iron Arts Building in Chicago, in Collaboraction‘s Room 300, in all the corporately approved grandeur you’ve come to expect from our events.  The address for the space is 1579 N Milwaukee ave, Chicago IL 60642.

Festivities will include: complimentary themed food and VIP refreshments, music by DJ Catnip, a HartLife-themed photobooth, an appearance by Geoship Pilot Captain Cassandra Wilkins, lighting by Bri Johnson, sets and environments design by Melissa Schlesinger, shadow puppetry and sculptural art by Makena Levine, a raffle and silent auction, and much more!

Appropriate corporate attire or post-apocalyptic costuming is welcome, but not required.

Tickets are $15 in advance, $20 on the day/at the door.  Ticket can be purchased in advance here.  All profits from the party go directly towards supporting the production of Our Fair City.

See you in the tunnels,

Vice President Gardner

HartLife is now an official 501c3 Nonprofit!

Loyal Policies of HartLife,

We are so very excited to announce that, after mountains of paperwork, miles of tape (red and otherwise), and the intense scrutiny of the Internal Revenue Service— HartLife has been officially recognized as a 501c3 not-for-profit organization!

This will mean a number of things for our organization—including expanded capacity to make even more art as new revenue streams become available.

HartLife and its flagship show, “Our Fair City,” have been supported by a large number of INCREDIBLY generous donors over the last three years who have given their hard earned money to our organization with no gain other than the abiding satisfaction of supporting innovative new art in the 21st century.

With this new tax status, HartLife NFP can give back to you! Any donations made to the company will be tax deductible: not only do your donations to HartLife NFP help make great new art, but they also make good financial sense!

We’re so excited to have this recognition and vote of support from the powers that be, and we hope that your continued support will allow us to continue to grow the company and keep producing the audio storytelling that you’ve come to know and love.

If you’re interested in making a tax-deductible donation to support Our Fair City and HartLife, it couldn’t be easier: just click here! You can also set up a recurring donation, helping ensure our long-term stability as a growing institution in the world of audiodrama.

Thank you so much for your continued support, and as always,

We’ll see you in the tunnels,

Jeffrey Gardner
Executive Producer

Thank you for a wonderful Fringe Festival!

We’re home now—unloading foley boxes, running numbers, washing costumes—and wanted to take a quick moment to thank all the wonderful new and returning Policies who came out and saw our show at the 2014 Chicago Fringe Festival!  We had a ball of a time, and can’t wait for next year!

Foley artist Ele Matelan at work. Photo by Jenna Braunstein Photography.

Until then–thank you for your support!


We’ll see you in the tunnels,


Vice President Gardner