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HartLife seeks Showrunner

HartLife NFP seeks SHOWRUNNER for new production

Founded in 2011, HartLife Corporation, NFP is an audio drama production company whose mission is to engage audiences by building rich, immersive worlds with imaginative, thought-provoking audio drama, supported by art that stimulates all five senses. Our flagship production, Our Fair City, has won multiple awards for quality in science-fiction audio drama and has gathered a large following across America and the world.

We are seeking a Show Runner for a new flagship audio drama to begin pre-production in 2016. The content, format, and release schedule of the show will be determined by key members of HartLife’s creative team in conjunction with the new Showrunner.

In conjunction with the Executive Producer, the Showrunner is responsible for the creative direction of the production, including tone, plot, setting, and the release format of the audio drama. The Showrunner will also be responsible for coordinating visual art, live performances, and other media to support the audio drama with substantial support from HartLife staff.

The Show Runner will be developing this new production from concept through completion. The show concept will be developed based on creative submissions from the HartLife community, with support from HartLife’s leadership team.

The time commitment for this position is significant, and so is the degree of creative control the Showrunner will have. In addition to the qualifications listed below, it is critical that the candidate be able to take initiative, motivate others, and set a clear direction for the production and the company.

The Showrunner role is distinct from the role of the Head Writer, Director, and Executive Producer – though it is possible that the Show Runner will fill one of these roles as well.


  • Minimum 2 years writing, producing, or directing in a professional setting
  • Prior experience managing a team, in an amateur or professional setting
  • Open, collaborative approach to making art
  • Prior experience with dramatic audio strongly desired
  • BA, BFA, or MFA in theater or a related art form a plus
  • Prior experience with Chicago’s storefront theater scene a plus
  • Leadership skills, including:
    • motivating teams of people
    • holding people accountable for deliverables and deadlines
    • project management
    • strong creative voice tempered by an ability to collaborate

To  apply, please submit a resume highlighting your artistic and leadership experience, along with a sample of your work (a writing sample, production photos, visual art, anything you’d like us to see) to [email protected]