Auctions Items for the Season Five Launch Party

These items will all be available as part of the Silent Auction at the Our Fair City: Season Five Launch Party on January 18th, 2014.

Neal Henderson Original – by Ryan Simmons

Featuring Our Fair City’s sharp-chuter Neal Henderson, this hand-drawn original was created by regular Our Fair City episode artist Ryan Simmons. It measures 18” X 24” comes framed and ready to hang.

Simon Original – by Betty Heredia

This original ink drawing of Simon von Hagens, HartLife’s Dead Disposal Driver, was created by Betty Heredia. You might recognize Betty’s work from her comic “A Day in the Life of Simon” in the Our Fair City Comic Anthology #1. This original artwork measures 18”X24”, and is framed and ready to hang.

“The Bridge” Print – by Dann Tincher

This limited-run print of “The Bridge” by Dann Tincher is a beautiful digital painting of the ruins of Old Hartford from Season Four of Our Fair City, and is signed by Dann Tincher. It measures 18”X24”, and is framed and ready to hang.

Betsey (the Shovel) Official Monument – by Ryan Schile

Commemorating both the heroic sacrifice and the unflinching corporate loyalty of Neal Henderson, this hand-crafted display piece will show off your managerial taste and faithfulness to the establishment. This Genuine Relic™ will surely be a keepsake passed down from Manager to Subordinate for years to come.

The piece is housed in a 31” by 16” shadowbox, and is ready to be hung on your office wall or displayed on a shelf.

Radio Experience Package

Show your friends with their Public Radio paraphernalia where the real radio revolution is! This package features a brand new Our Fair City tote bag, an Our Fair City coffee mug (for your corporate-mandated daily caffeine intake), copies of the first three volumes of the Our Fair City Comic Anthology, a flash drives with the first four seasons of Our Fair City (plus a bunch of other digital extras) and four tickets to the City Life Supplement— an awesome live radio show taped right here in Chicago!