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Extras / Bonus Content - Season Eight Blooper Reel pt 4

Here we are with our final blooper reel for Our Fair City- we very much hope you’ve enjoyed these!

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Content warnings for this episode can be found here.

  • Blasphlegmy—Frank Sjodin
  • Oh booooooy—Abby Doud
  • Grown up Jade—Rose Sengenberger
  • Midwestern Time Traveler—Kat Evans
  • Restorical—Ansel Burch
  • Acts too hard—David Rheinstrom
  • Baby?—Ginneh Thomas
  • Cuuuuuuube!  Cuuuuuuuube?!—Beth Eyre
  • Electro-chemical reaction—Ryan Schile
  • Tacooooos!—Saren Nofs Snyder
  • This is an Archibald FunnyPants Episode—Mark Soloff
  • WHAT’S MY MOTIVATION—Whitney Jones
  • I’m sorry (I’m not sorry) I’m a little sorry—Clayton Faits
  • Have a great life—Taryn Maxximillian Dafoe
  • Can See Russia—Whitney Jones
  • I do something called Time Travel—David Fink

Compiled and produced Jeffrey Gardner.  Photo by Sebastian Orr Photography. Music by Latché Swing. A huge thank you to our episode sponsor Backblaze, through the Chicago Podcasting Cooperative.