A new version of the script for Our Fair City Season Two/Episode 16: Tunnel Collapse

Linked here is a new script for Our Fair City Season Two/Episode 16: Tunnel Collapse, written by Jim McDoniel. This episode was originally released in 2012. Jim McDoniel re-wrote this episode in 2018 to address what he identified as problematic content- and while the company is not able to re-record the episode, we wanted to share it with you.

We are always trying to make the best work with the tools we have. And thanks in no small part to our dedicated listeners, those tools keep getting better. HartLife NFP thanks Jim for his work and growth, thanks all of the Our Fair City artists for their work over the years, and thanks our listeners for their support and feedback.

From Jim McDoniel:

I could go on and on about why I wanted to redo the episode “Tunnel Collapse.” (And, in my head, I did.) It all comes down to one thing: I am ashamed. The audio drama community is a diverse and inclusive creative environment, one that I am glad to be a part of and that has taught me a great deal. With a better understanding, I have realized that parts of this episode are problematic and gross. I don’t want to listen to it. I don’t want YOU to listen to it. I worry that people have been turned off from the show because of it or will be in the future.

However, I am only a writer. I can’t invent more time or money so our actors and sound designers can go back and bury my shame. What I can do, what I do have control over is what I write. And so I wrote a new script, one that is more inclusive, that reflects what I have learned from all of you, and that still has a few sex jokes in it because who doesn’t like a few sex jokes. I hope this is better. I hope this is something that will allow me to look back on the entirety of my HartLife career without regret. More importantly, I hope this is something that YOU enjoy, that makes YOUR Our Fair City experience better than it was before.

-Jim McDoniel
HartLife NFP

From Jeffrey Gardner:

Long form projects- especially ones that span decades- are complicated. We were all very different people when we began Our Fair City- and I am deeply proud of the growth as art-makers and people that I’ve seen in our community of artists.

Several years ago, we went back and re-wrote and re-recorded Season One of Our Fair City. This was a very important project to me for a number of reasons- but we do not plan on releasing “remastered” versions of other seasons.

However, recently Our Fair City writer Jim McDoniel came to us with a request- he was uncomfortable with the content of one of his older scripts, and wanted the chance re-write it. While the company does not have the resources to go back and re-record more episodes (we’ve got exciting new stories to tell, after all!)- I thought it was important to honor Jim’s request to- as he says- do better.

We hope you’ve enjoyed Our Fair City over the years, and we hope the comparison between these two versions of a single episode will give you a greater insight into our aspirations for what our work can and will be as we continue to learn.

-Jeffrey Gardner
Executive Producer
HartLife NFP

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