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Extras / Mid Season Break - We Feed the Worms that Feed our Pups

Here we are, Loyal Policies- the final installment of the Season Eight Midseason break.  Today, we have a touching MolePerson Hymn for you: “We Feed the Worms that Feed our Pups.”

You can find complete lyrics for the Hymn here on our tumblr, if you’d like to sing along.

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Content warnings for this episode can be found here.

  • Mole Choir—Ben Aldred, Lauren Faits, Clayton Faits, Kat Evans, Abby Doud, Jeffrey Gardner, Angelica D’Souza, Ansel Burch, Stephen Poon

Lyrics by Clayton Faits.  Score by Stephen Poon and Betsey Palmer.  Recorded and Produced by DJ Catnip. Additional instrumentation by Stephen Poon, with DJ Catnip.  Music Direction by Betsey Palmer  Photo by Ahmad Kanbar.   A huge thank you to our episode sponsor the Backblaze Online Backup, through the Chicago Podcasting Cooperative.