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Season Seven / Episode 17 - Exploration

What of Alison Dalton, Simon Von Hagens, and Theodora Thoreau-Roosevelt?  Join us as we step back into the recent past and discover their fate.

Remember, Policy- there is no future without the Company.  There is no life outside.  Policies who seek to find meaning outside of HartLife are surely lost.  Hear their downfall here, Loyal Policy.  Relish it.

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Content Warnings for this episode can be found here.

  • The Narrator— Ansel Burch
  • Theodora Thoreau-Roosevelt— Kat Evans
  • Simon— Mark Soloff
  • Alison Dalton— Nina O’Keefe
  • Old Man— Clayton Faits
  • Clear Skies Tim— Tyler Samples

Written by Clayton Faits. Directed by  Jeffrey Gardner. Sound Design by Mischa Stanton. Music by Stephen Poon.  Produced by Jeffrey Gardner. Recording Engineering by DJ Catnip.  Photo by Jana Illnerová. Production Management by Betsey Palmer.  Sound Design for Season Six elements by Ryan Schile.  Created by Clayton Faits.  Special thanks to our sponsor for this episode, Cards Against Humanity.