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Extras / Season Break - 2016 Listener Questions: Session II

We’re back with more questions from Policies Like You!  We really enjoyed answering these—stay tuned next time for answers to questions posed to Herbert West, George Chamberlain, Elizabeth, Meatwall, and others.

Special thanks to all of the loyal policies who sent a question in!  Feel free to ask any new questions on our twitter, facebook, tumblr, or by email at [email protected]!

  • Community Manager— Lauren Faits
  • The Narrator— Ansel Burch
  • Director of Live Engagements— Betsey Palmer
  • Recording Engineer— DJ Catnip
  • Executive Producer— Jeffrey Gardner
  • Creative Director— Clayton Faits

Produced by Jeffrey Gardner.  Photo by Sebastian Orr Photography.  Recording Engineering by DJ Catnip.  A huge thank you to our sponsor for this episode, Field Notes!