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Extras / Mid-Season Break - Season One Blooper Reel

Rounding out our Season Six mid-season break, please enjoy a blooper reel from our Season One recording sessions!

  • Misses David— Tara Schile
  • Doesn’t miss David—Jim McDoniel
  • Kind of a bully—Abby Doud
  • Oh, MolePeople—Tyler Samples
  • Not as dumb as he smells—Sebastian H. Orr
  • Smurfs are water soluble—Clayton Faits
  • Has all the best people introducing him—Jared Latore
  • Creative uses of Puff Pastry—Ansel Burch
  • High-minded jokes—Jeffrey Gardner
  • Breaking DJ Catnip’s eardrums—Ryan Schile
  • SIGH— Ginneh Jolan
  • Meanest Old Woman— Lauren Faits

Edited by David Rheinstrom.  Photo by Sebastian Orr Photography. Music by The Good Lawdz.  A huge thank you to our episode sponsor Cards Against Humanity, through the Chicago Podcasting Cooperative.  We’re very, very sorry.