Season Six is Here!

Loyal Policies,

We’re so excited to finally get to share Season Six of Our Fair City with you all!  Season Six will be another 20 episode season, released every other week on Wednesdays here on the website, on our podcast feed and through iTunes.  Episode 2 will be coming February 4th, 2015.

The Season Six launch party was a smashing success: Policies gathered, danced, posed with a giant ant, and toasted to the continued future of the company (and the podcast).

The Lightning Riggers are not afraid of the AntPeople

We’ve got so many people to thank for their work on the Launch Party- Melissa Schlesinger for her set and environmental design, Bri Johnson for her lighting design, Makena Levine for her creation of the massive ant sculpture/puppet and additional shadow-puppet designs, DJ Catnip for providing both environmental sound design and the best music a policy could desire, our performers Ele Matelan and Samuel Kohlhass, our violence choreographer Justin Fill, our volunteer coordinator Julie Schaeffer, our cooks David Rheinstrom and Duo Yang, our cocktail designer Mark Harrison, our photographers Jenna Braunstein and Mike Borden, our Board Events Chair Jennifer Olson, our community manager Lauren Faits and marketing director Ryan Bond, our visual art team Dann Tincher and Ryan Simmons, the HUGE number of volunteers from our community that worked the bar, sold merch, or worked the door, and especially the party management team:   Cat Cefalu, Madelaine Schmitt, and Betsey Palmer.

We’d also like to thank all of the buisnesses and individuals that donated to our raffle, spread the word about the event, or supported the party in other ways, including: Dusty Groove, Chimera’s Comics, Blue Box Cafe, Trader Joe’s, the Blue Man Group, Blackhearts Hair House, Lagunitas Brewing, the 3d Printer Experience, Chicago Comics, Chicago Loot Drop, Geek Spotting Podcast, Universal Geek Podcast, The Nerdologues, VStheUniverse, Alcohollywood Podcast, Blastropodcast, The NerdOutcast Podcast, The Den Theater, Megan salyer Morris, Phil Hansen, Aidan McCormick, Steph Charaska, Samuel Kohlhaas, Justin Fill, Cold Basement Dramatics, Haven Theatre Co., The Plagiarists, Toxic Bag Productions, Space Happens, the Cast and Crew of Dear Stone Theater Company’s “Art,” Collaboraction, and Geek Bar Chicago!

Thank you all again so much—and enjoy the sixth season of Our Fair City!

See you in the tunnels,

Vice President Gardner

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