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Season Five / Episode 2 - Everything in its Place

The day begins unexpectedly for Doctor Emily Caligari, as she desperately attempts to avoid that high crime against Productivity- Tardiness. Will she arrive at her meeting on time?  Will our friends, the newly underemployed riggers, find suitable occupations?  Will Sandy and Clay settle down into co-habitating bliss? Will Elizabeth Rourke pass her Identity Variance exam?  Find out, as the story of Our Fair City…continues.

  • Doctor Emily Caligari— Marsha Harman
  • Farmer-Type Policy— Jeffrey Gardner
  • The Conductor— Jim McDoniel
  • Security Guard— David Rheinstrom
  • Doctor Herbert West— Ryan Schile
  • The Dealer— Jeffrey Gardner
  • Charlie Wynn— Jared Latore
  • Chorus of Policies— Tara Schile, Ryan Schile, David Rheinstrom, Jared Latore
  • Jack— Mark Soloff
  • Greyson— David Rheinstrom
  • Barkeeper— Abby Doud
  • Clear Skies Tim— Tyler Samples
  • Sandy— Abby Doud
  • Clay— Tyler Samples
  • Loamy— Lise “Kat” Evans
  • Elizabeth Rourke— Tara Schile
  • Andrew Snidge— Frank Sjodin
  • The Meatwall— Ryan Schile
  • The Voice of HartLife— Jeffrey Gardner
  • The Narrator— Ansel Burch

Written by David Rheinstrom. Directed by Jeffrey Gardner. Sound Design by Ryan Schile. Music by Stephen Poon. Episode art by Steph Charaska. Produced by David Rheinstrom. Production Management by Betsey Palmer.  Created by Clayton Faits.