Welcome to Season Five!

Loyal Policies:

We’re here at last!  Season Five has begun—and it is going to be a little different!  You’ll notice a few changes as we move through the season, most importantly:

  1. Episodes will be longer:  We’re trying out a different format for this season—rather than releasing twnety 8-12 minute episodes, Season Five will be ten 15-30 minute episodes.  We decided to try out this new format in part due to some feedback from listeners and because we wanted to try telling a few longer stories within each episode.  We’ll look at how this season goes (and ask you all for feedback) and decide whether we want to do Season Six in a similar format.
  2. Episodes will be more spaced out: Given the longer episode format, we’ll be moving to an every-other Wednesday release schedule.  This will give us the time to really dig into the longer episodes and make sure each has the level of quality and care that you’ve come to expect from the show.  Don’t worry, though–we’ll try to have regular art updates and more stuff through our facebook and twitter!

We’d like to throw out a HUGE thank you to everyone who joined us at the Season Five Launch party—we packed the DFBRL8R performance art gallery, kicked off the season, and had a great time!  Your support helps ensure we can continue to bring Our Fair City to the internet!  If you weren’t able to join us for the party but would like to be part of making OFC possible, we now have a donate link up on the main header of the site–your support keeps the show running.  Thank you.

Photo by Sebastian Orr Photography

We also want to send a huge thank you to Joseph Ravens and the team at DFBRL8R–they run an amazing space, and always have something awesome going on—go check out their website, and see a performance!

Photo by Sebastian Orr Photography

We hope you enjoy Season Five—it has been an incredible amount of fun to make, and we’re so excited to share it with you.  As always I will-

See you in the tunnels,

Vice President Gardner

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