The End of Season Four and the Beginning of “The Department”

Here we are: the end of another season of Our Fair City.   It is difficult to properly express the gratitude we feel towards everyone who has had a hand in the creation of this work – the stellar cast, production and sound-design team, our dedicated board and staff, and of course, our ever-growing listenership.  We’ve had chances to speak with more and more of you, at conventions, through email, Facebook, and Twitter, and even at late-night diners — it has been an absolute joy to hear your thoughts on the series, what you loved, who you hated, and more.

The season finale (and really, the whole season) has seen us breaking new ground–more underscoring and music from composer Stephen Poon, dynamic manipulations of the soundscape and scene-changes from designer Ryan Schile, and an overall sharpening and focusing of the writing team under Clayton Faits.  We hope you’ve enjoyed listening as we learn more about the craft of audiodrama—we sure have had a lot of fun with it.

Our Fair City will be resuming on January 18th with the launch of Season Five.  In the meantime, we’re excited to announce something brand new from HartLife NFP. Starting Wednesday, October 30th, we’ll be releasing “The Department”- a webcomic created by Ryan Simmons, Dann Tincher, and Jim McDoniel, set in the world of HartLife some time before the events in the audio drama. “The Department” follows the exploits of a young inductee into the department of the “Municipal Union for the Restructuring of District Records” as he learns the ropes with HartLife’s finest Agents.  The webcomic will be updated every Wednesday, just like the show, and will run until we launch Season Five—so keep checking back for new things from the world of HartLife!

It has been an absolute pleasure, folks.  Thank you for listening, and as always…

See you in the tunnels.

Vice President Gardner

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