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Season Four / Episode 17 - Opposite Reactions

Vice President Davenport and The Switcher attempt to put their plan to jump-start Dr. West and Dr. Caligari’s reactor, but are stymied by none other than Special Agent George Chamberlain.  On the run from a psychotic madman with a badge and a gun, what hope do they, or indeed any Policies of HartLife, have of surviving this crisis?

  • The Switcher— Jared Latore
  • Vice President Davenport— Ben Aldred
  • George Chamberlain— Jim McDoniel
  • Doctor Herbert West— Ryan Schile
  • Doctor Emily Caligari— Marsha Harman
  • Andrew Snidge— Frank Sjodin
  • Elizabeth Rourke— Tara Schile
  • Neal Henderson— Sebastian H Orr
  • The Voice of HartLife— Jeffrey Gardner

Written by David Rheinstrom. Narration written and performed by Ansel Burch. Directed by Jeffrey Gardner. Sound Design by Ryan Schile. Music by Stephen Poon. Elevator music by Frank Arban.  Episode art by Jimmy Hasse. Produced by David Rheinstrom. Created by Clayton Faits.