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Season Four / Episode 12 - The Switcher

Putting Dr. Caligari’s plan into action, Vice President Davenport visits the Power Management station.  Will the Switcher deliver the power he needs to save the city, or will he choose callous self-interest over the good of the Company?

  • Vice President Davenport— Ben Aldred
  • Flint— Clayton Faits
  • Roman — Jeffrey Gardner
  • The Switcher— Jared Latore
  • The Huddled Masses— Ryan Schile and Tara Schile
  • Special Agent George Chamberlain— Jim McDoniel

Written by Mark Soloff. Narration written and performed by Ansel Burch. Directed by Jeffrey Gardner. Sound Design by Ryan Schile. Music by Stephen Poon. Illustration by Dan Streeting. Produced by David Rheinstrom. Created by Clayton Faits.