Paging Dr. Herbert West…

Through the world of Our Fair City we offer you a glimpse of a dark and troubled future. While genetically-engineered molepeople, airborne lightning collection rigs, and coffee brewed from algae may seem like flights of fancy, every so often one of us here at HartLife stumbles across an article that makes us realize that the Future is closer than we think. This one was so bizarre, we had to share it with our loyal Policies.

Taking a page straight out of Herbert West’s medical handbook, researchers have laid out a plan to perform the first human head anastomosis – in lay terms, a human head transplant.

Transplants of animal heads have been carried out in the past, but with a severed spinal cord the head had no control over the donated body. Researchers in Turin now believe that they can chemically regenerate a spinal cord severed under controlled circumstances in an operating theater. In the near future, we might actually see a functional body transplant recipient.

This raises a host of ethical questions and philosophical quandaries, but it is as exciting as it is unsettling.

Read more at (warning: medical jargon and graphic descriptions of surgical procedures) or check out the academic paper in the Surgical Neurology International journal.

I guess there’s hope for Elizabeth Rourke after all…


See you in the Tunnels,

Vice President Faits

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