Mid-season break for Season Four

ATTN: all policies

RE: Broadcasts of the Historical Record

As you may have noticed, this week marks the beginning of our Season Four Mid-season break: a much needed time for the Managers to clear their throats, the MolePeople to buff their claws, and for the Actuaries to…do whatever it is they do in their eldritch lair.

While we’re working on the next half of the season, we invite you to listen to HartLife NFP’s submission to the 75th anniversary War of the Worlds contest, which won 2nd place this year at CONvergence in Minneapolis.

It’s also a really exciting piece as it marks our first collaboration with¬† sound designer outside of the company: Eric Mooney!¬† Check out his stuff—he’s a really stellar designer, and we had a really great time working with him.

Your regularly scheduled installments of the Historical Records of HartLife will return August 21st- in the weeks in between, keep an eye out here for music, blooper reels, and more every Wednesday!

See you in the tunnels,

Vice President Gardner

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