The Season has Launched!

Policies and Policies,

It’s been a great year for Our Fair City.  We’ve been nominated for several awards (and won a few as well), appeared at conventions, performed live, found new ways to deliver episodes, made plans, found new artists, met new actors, forged deeper connections with both the international audio drama community and the Chicago theatre community, applied for (and received) grants, and thrown some damn fine parties…which is all to say, a huge number of people have put an incredible amount of work into this project, and there is no possible way we could thank them all adequately.

But we’d like to try.

Head Writer Clayton Faits and Director Jeffrey Gardner

First off: to the actors, artists, writers, sound designers, and everyone who has touched season four already (or will in the future)- this is, without a doubt, our slickest, cleanest, and best season yet.  We’re so thankful for all of your efforts-this season especially proved that many hands make light work….light, awesome work.

We’d like to thank our dynamic, tenacious, and cupcake-supplying board of directors-the organization, support, and expertise they’ve provided to HartLife NFP has given us a safe launching space for the art, making it all the better.

One of the many unsung heroes of Our Fair City deserves special praise- for his dedicated patience with our boneheaded questions and continual maintenance and monitoring of our website- our Technology Director Michael Tomczak.  Keep your eyes on the site—there are a few really exciting updates coming down the pipeline, we can’t wait for you to check out his work!

We’d also like to single out Betsey Palmer, our stellar Production Manager.   Without here exhaustive (and often, exhausting) work,  Our Fair City could not function at the high level of productivity and speed that it does today.  She schedules, updates, reminds, monitors, reports, corrals, nudges, and advises on every piece of our production, serving not only as a master organizer but as a valuable artistic mind involved in nearly every element of our process and a fierce advocate for our artists.  We’d be (quite literally) lost without her.

The Season Four launch party gets moving!

As you can see from the pictures, the Season Four Launch Party was a smashing success.  It couldn’t have existed without the organizational and creative minds of Betsey Palmer and Steph Charaska, the fabulous lighting design of Brianna Johnson, Davonte Johnson‘s spectacular video design, and the kickin’ tunes of DJ Catnip.  We also want to give a special shout out to Sebastian Orr Photography and Jenna Braunstein Photography– not only did the run a great corporate-themed photobooth, but they got some great images of the party.    We had food and drink donated (and created!) by Mark Harrison (our cocktail master), Sarah B.(jello shot maven), Duo Yang, David Rhienstrom, Julie Schaeffer(chefs and bakers extraordinaire)–an amazing range of post-apocalyptic/corporate themed delights ranging from “Algae Crisps” and “Algae Bar-Treats” to a pair of delicious coffee cocktails and algae-themed jello shots, along with our expert bartender, Mike Tomczak.  We’d also like to a shout out to Ben Aldred and David Rheinstrom for their “motivational, teambuilding” performance of the evening, along with the huge number of staff, board, cast, and friends who volunteered to man the door, work the merch table, run the bar, and everything in-between.    And of course, enormous praise and thank you to Collaboraction, our hosts for the evening.  Not only did they provide a tremendous space-but as a company, they served as an artistic home and growing space for many of Our Fair City’s artists.  They’re a tremendous company, and you should absolutely go check out their upcoming SKETCHBOOK festival.

Finally: we’d like to thank the record-breaking number of people who came out to the party, and everyone who has been listening to the show, whether you’ve been with us from the beginning or are a brand new fan.  Your continued support means so much to us, and the chance to celebrate the project with you was amazing.

So.  Season Four is under way, episodes are going up on the website, and the MolePeople have had a recommended 8 hours of rest.  And tonight?  Tonight, we hold our first writer’s meeting for Season Five.

See you in the tunnels,

Vice Presidents Gardner and Faits

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