New Reviews in for Our Fair City

The estimable Lawrence Raw over at Radio Drama Reviews has written up his review of Our Fair City, and it’s a great one!  We’re so glad to have his thoughts on our show, and think you should check out other work he’s written about—you can find all sorts of new productions, of every stripe, through his site!

If you’re joining us for the first time after reading his review, welcome!  Stay awhile, find us on facebook, leave us a comment saying hello—you know the drill.
From Radio Drama Reviews:

“Suffice to say that, while the series is ostensibly set in the future, its roots lie firmly in the past; more specifically in the old-time radio serials (which later migrated to the cinema) that held audiences spellbound in the midst of the previous century.  If you like that kind of radio fare, then you’ll loveOur Fair City.

Read the full review here!

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