The Season is Complete!

…and with that, the MolePeople unclench their paws, the Vice Presidents slump back in their chairs, and the PWCs scrape the…well, you-know-what off their high-waders.  We’ll be on hiatus for a few short months, working on the next season—-though we’ll be putting up occasional content, so if you want to stay informed, now is a great time to follow us on twitter or facebook!

We’re also really excited to have a score of amazing new actors, artists, and writers working with us this year!  Stephanie Spence joined our writing team (you can hear her the first bit of her writing now– the Lightning Riggers vignette in the Season Three epilogue is hers, and I can tell you that her Season Four episodes are dynamite.  The epilogue also features the artwork of Jimmy Hasse–and, as you can see, we’re all really, really excited to have him working with us.

We’re also incredibly excited to be working with a couple of incredible new actors: in the epilogue, you can hear the stellar work of Wyatt Kent and Lizzie Lovelady, and we’re proud to introduce Marsha Harman, who will be stepping into the role of Dr. Emily Caligari.  Next season, we’re also excited to welcome Jared Latore, Nina O’Keefe, and Richard Fish!  It’s so nice to see our little community of artists growing!

From Left: Mark Soloff, Steph Charaska, Jeffrey Gardner, Kamron Palmer, David Rheinstrom, Stephanie Spence, Tara Schile, Lise ‘Kat’ Evans, Jared Latore, Jim McDoniel, Betsey Palmer, Marsha Harman, Ansel Burch, Abby Doud, Clayton Faits, and Nina O’Keefe. Photo by Sebastian Orr.


Thanks for listening, all.

See you in the tunnels,

VP Gardner

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