Season Three Finale

We’re so, so, so excited to finally share with you the Finale of Season Three of Our Fair City.  It’s a monster–nearly twice the length of most of our episodes, with a bigger cast than we’ve ever had appearing in a single episode, and some of the most ambitious soundscapes and effects to date.

For a little behind the scenes peak, here’s a screenshot of Sound Designer Ryan Schile’s desktop, 27 hours into creating the episode:

Dann Tincher, our Visual Art Director, has also created a pretty amazing piece of artwork—we’ve got a full poster-sized version you can see here (and, ahem, if you’re interested in owning a beautiful, high-quality print, stop by one of our launch parties or events or email us at [email protected]).

So!  Enjoy the episode, folks.  This season has been a joy to create, and we hope you’ve enjoyed listening.  We’ll be back next week with our traditional Season Epilogue, and we’ll have more updates on when we’ll begin to release Season Four.

Thank you for joining us on this crazy journey into the skies of Hartford.  It’s been wild.

See you in the tunnels,

VP Jeffrey Gardner

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