…and we’re back!


Thank you for your patience while we enjoyed our mid-season break: we’re back to our regularly scheduled episodes.  We hope you’ve enjoyed the interstitial content, and know you will enjoy the second half of Season Three–it’s a doozy.

The other big buzz around the HartLife offices is Season Four—we’re starting to read first drafts of episodes, plan out rehearsal and recording sessions, and generally just getting psyched.  I (of course) can’t tell you a whole lot about it, for fear of spoiling the rest of Season Three- but I can say that we’ll get a deeper look at the HartLife corporate structure, answer some questions (and hopefully raise a few) about what exactly happened during the Troubles, and see more of some of our favorite characters (including the triumphant return of Dr. West).

That being said: I’m going to cut this short.  It was a late night of board games (our production manager Betsey brilliantly manipulated us into executing a non-cylon Clayton), and I’ve got to get myself back together for the day.


See you in the tunnels,

VP Gardner.

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