Open call for auditions: Season Four of Our Fair City!

Greetings, Policies:

We are happy to announce that, for the first time, we are opening up auditions for Season Four of Our Fair City!  We have a number of male and female roles that will be filled, and are excited to bring new artists into the fold!

We will be doing our auditions remotely: that is, we will send you short audition sides, and you will send us back a recording of yourself reading the lines.  Don’t worry about finding a studio to record your audition lines: the microphone on your home computer or smartphone will do.

A few caveats:

  • All of our recording is done in-studio, in Chicago.  This means you’ll either need to live here in the Windy City, or be willing to travel to Chicago for at least part of our recording process.  However: if you are interested in being involved with Our Fair City as an actor and do not live in the area, go ahead and send us stuff anyway: we may be able to find a way to make it work.
  • Recording sessions will be held during February, March, and April of 2013.
  • We are looking for both Male and Female actors.

If you are interested in being considered, please send an email to [email protected] asap- we will send you the audition sides.


Thanks so much!  We look forward to hearing your submissions.

See you in the tunnels,

Jeffrey Gardner

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