MOLE Appreciation Day


Like every year, we would like to remind all loyal policies of HartLife that today, October 23rd, between 6:02 AM and 6:02 PM, is recognized as MOLE day.  While certainly not as impressive or exciting as the celebrations of Exclusion Day or All Holo’s Eve (celebrating the famed inventor of the Multifunction Policy Terminal, Dr. Machina), this is an important day for MolePeople throughout the city, and should be treated as such. Policies should remember that, on this day only, the MolePeople are allowed a ceremonial four (4) knocks before announcing their presence and entering a room, and that they may, if their Work Assignment allows, don the traditional Collar-of-Gilt.  Policies are reminded that under no circumstances should they provide the Moles with trinkets, gifts, or extra food, especially not from a Policy’s Meal Allotment.  Remember: a Hungry Mole is a Helpful Mole.

In addition, Policies are reminded that the Historical Records of HartLife will be taking their well-deserved Mid-season break for the next three weeks.  As such, there will be no new episode tomorrow.  Instead, stay tuned each week for some special extra content- songs from the world of HartLife, miscellaneous recordings, and this year’s Halloween special (taken from the works of Edgar Allan Poe)!

See you in the Tunnels,

V.P. Gardner

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