Halloween is upon us!

Above you’ll find out second bit of Mid-season break content: “Silence- a Fable” by Edgar Allan Poe.  This piece was a huge amount of fun to put together–after last year’s “Rats in the Walls,” I’ve been really excited about getting another chance to take a crack at classic horror in the audio format.  I think it’s a medium that lends itself particularly well—after all, the pictures are always scarier in your head.  There is a lot of really great (and a fair amount of really, really bad) horror audio drama out there—do yourself a favor and go check some out!

With Halloween around the corner and our mid-season break looming, we made a quick search for good frightening scripts to put up–Grand Guignol was discussed, Lovecraft was poured through, and Poe was “approached.”  I came across “Silence- A Fable” somewhat randomly, and immediately fell in love- it feels a bit to me like it was written for this medium.  Recording and creating the piece was an absolute blast as well: obviously, I’ll take any chance I can get to have Clayton use his sonorous voice (doesn’t come out as often with Nathan Rourke), and David Rheinstrom has really stepped up his game with the sound design and editing of this episode- in particular, the mixing of atmospheric sfx, music as effect (which we cribbed nicely from the awesome Brad Lansky series), and home-made mouth sounds.

We’ll have one more week of our Mid-season break (if the vice presidents can get their acts together, we’ll have a blooper reel from Seasons One and Two for you next wednesday), then we dive back into the story of Our Fair City with Neal Henderson’s trip to the Lightning Rigs in “Episode 10: In The Cage.”

Happy Halloween, all-

See you in the Tunnels,

Vice President Gardner


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