The State of the City is Strong

Convention season (for us at least) is over, Season Three has begun, the launch party is behind us, and the entire OFC crew is looking forward to getting a little sleep.  It’s been a really amazing 10 months since we put out our first episode of Season Two, and we’re absolutely thrilled that we’ve been supported by all of you into a third season.
In a little less than a year, HartLife NFP has:

  • launched a new website
  • put our show on iTunes
  • upgraded our studio with sound baffling and a wider array of microphones
  • appeared at the Chicago ComiCon…
  • Red Tape’s CFANN…
  • and Minneapolis CONvergence
  • wrote and performed a new live episode(complete with live music and foley)
  • released a graphic novel anthology
  • received our first grant from the city of Chicago
  • Been broadcast on the radio in Maine, Minnesota, all across Canada, and Indiana
  • won the prestigious silver Mark Time award for Science Fiction audio drama.


It’s been so much fun, and we have so many people we want to thank and recognize for their hard work.

The HartLife company has grown—we’ve reached roughly 70 individuals who have in some way helped create Our Fair City.  Actors, writers, visual artists, programmers, lawyers, board members, bartenders, craftspeople and more—the sheer number of people involved has allowed us to do everything listed above in so short a time.  Thank you all so much for your dedication, drive, and energy!

In addition, there were a big passel of people who made our Season Three Launch Party spectacular:

  • DJ Catnip, who provided awesome tunes and atmosphere
  • Joseph Ravens and the DFBRL8R Performance Art Gallery, our host
  • Brianna, our lighting designer who helped bring the lightning rigs inside
  • Elise and David, who created the homemade ice-cream
  • Makena and Ryan, who made the prayer flags
  • Sebastian H. Orr, who took incredible photos of the event
  • Mark Harrison, who crafted a number of stunning original cocktails for our bar
  • Steph and Betsey, who organized this whole big event
  • and lastly–all of the folks who stepped up and gave their time: helping set up, working the bar, scooping ice cream, or standing behind the merch table.

Finally, I’d like to take a minute to recognize a trio of amazing artists who have helped make Our Fair City bigger, better, and generally more bountiful.

The first is Dan Streeting.  Along with creating some absolutely incredible episode art, Dan is the designer of our stunning new website.  He took our vague ideas of “Decaying Art Deco” and turned it into something incredible.  If you have a chance, you should definitely check out 22, his studio in Berwyn.

Secondly: Ryan Simmons!  Ryan  has been with us from pretty early on as an episode artist, and remains one of the most enthusiastic, creative, and prolific folks working on the project.  His drive and creativity is an inspiration to all of us–I urge you to check out his work on the first episode of Season Three, or on his blog.

Last, but certainly not least: Dann Tincher.  Another episode artist, Dann produced the first edition of the Our Fair City comic anthology, and was a key piece of our success at this year’s Chicago ComiCon.  Recognizing his incredible work, and the fact that I’ve been going to him with all of my artist questions for the last year and a half anyway, we are very proud to announce that Dann will be joining the HartLife staff as our Visual Art Director, working on future comic anthologies, helping organize episode art, and more!

It’s been a great almost-year, and after this weekend, I can safely say that  we look forward to many, many more.  Thank you all so much for your support, and as always, I’ll…

See you in the tunnels,

VP. Gardner


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