Ending Season Two of Our Fair City

Greetings, Dear Policies–


With “The Woken Apocalypse,” by Jim McDoniel, Season Two of Our Fair City comes to its shambling, flesh-hungry end.  We’ve had a lot of fun playing with the Woken, dallying with the Molepeople, exploring new HartLife professions (the Triple-D’s, etc), and more.  We hope you’ve enjoyed listening as much as we’ve enjoyed creating—it’s been a pretty wild ride so far.

I want to take this opportunity to thank a pair of people who worked tirelessly to make Season Two what it is- whose involvement with our second foray into the world of HartLife have made it even better than we could have rightly imagined.

Augmenting, reinforcing, undercutting, or accentuating our Narrator, Stephen Poon’s amazing compositions at the openings and closings of episodes have done a huge amount to shape the world of HartLife.  The level of polish and professionalism he has brought to the project have been outstanding—it makes it a whole new radio play.  To have your socks really blown off, check out his closing music for the Season at the end of Episode 19…it’s really something else.

Behind the scenes, this gentleman has done more to promote the long-term stability, professionalism, and reach of HartLife than anyone in our quickly-growing organization.  The man with enough names for an entire legal department, John Sumner Majer (or Jack, John, JS, Sumner, Consigliere, or any other alias you might know him by) has been an invaluable part of making Our Fair City a reality over the last year.  By helping craft, guide, and improve our organization (as well as warning Clayton and Jeffrey off of various dangerous ledges) he’s taken our early rallying cry of “Let’s make this a thing!” and made it “This is a thing!  Now what can we do with it?”


We’ve been incredibly lucky to work with a score of amazing actors, artists, and administrators over the Season.  Ryan Schile’s sound design continues to inspire delight and push everyone else involved to new levels of excellence.  Elise Tincher, Travis Sauder, and Joe Maxwell’s work on city grants, budgeting, and new outreach and fundraising opportunities gives us hope for reaching new heights with future seasons, while Steph Charaska’s angling on conventions gets us revved up taking the show into the “real world.”  Betsey Palmer and Dan Schaeffer’s work on making the organization more official and responsible has been key, while Michael Tomczak’s patience while he has to “explain the internets” to us has been exemplary.  We also have to give mention to the scores of artists who have brought the world to life through episode illustrations, the amazing actors who gave their time and talent, and of course, our writing staff, who created the world in which we all get to play.


So, to wrap up, thank you to everyone for listening, participating, and enjoying Season Two of Our Fair City.  It’s been an incredible amount of fun for me, and I can’t wait to see what you think of Season Three!


See you in the tunnels,

J. Nils Gardner


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