Incoming: Season Three

For those of you in America: this post is coming to you FROM THE FUTURE.

And by that, I mean Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

It’s true: I’m up north, visiting my progenitor and our friendly Neighbors. The city is beautiful, the air is cold, and, as rumored, the citizens are unfailingly polite: every time I attempt an American-style “jaywalk of opportunity,” I feel like I’m about to cause a minor traffic incident: cars rush to halt, leaving me embarassed, forced to wave them past me while I sheepishly wait to cross. Truly, a land of milk and honey (though the milk is in bags, and the honey has a slight layer of frost).

However, none of that relates to what I want to share with you. I had the privilege to skype in briefly to a writer’s meeting for Season Three, conducted by our estimable Mr. Faits, and I am happy to report: Season Three promises to be even better than Season Two (which, I must say, we are pretty happy with). We’ll see a return of a few old favorite characters, the introduction of new ones, betrayals, reunions, and an deeper look into one of my favorite pieces of the HartLife world: the Lightning Riggers (see Lucky Strike in Season One, Episode 1: Lucky Thing You Showed up)

But back to the present (or, I guess, your future): Halifax, as you may or may not know, is also home to the Sonic Society, one of the cooler organizations promoting Audio Drama in North America. I’m tickled pink to have the chance to meet some of the folks from the Society tomorrow evening: I’m sure I’ll be passing word soon of all of the radio-theatre secrets they pass along.

With that being said, everyone stay warm, and stay tuned for Episode 12 coming out in two days!

See you in the tunnels,

Jeffrey Nils Gardner

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