From Neal Stephenson’s “Anathem”

Kinda spoiler alerts, but not really, because at this point in the book I have no idea what is true or not.  So, if you’re worried about that type of thing, go listen to another episode.  If not, read on for some poignant musings.


“I can’t predict the future,” I said, “but based on what little I know so far, I’m afraid it has to be a massive adventure or nothing.”


“Probably the kind of adventure that ends in a mass burial.”

That quieted her down a little bit.  But after a while, she said: “Do you need transportation?  Tools?  Stuff?”

“Our opponent is an alien starship packed with atomic bombs,” I said.  “We have a protractor.”

“Okay, I’ll go home and see if I can scrounge up a ruler and a piece of string.”


I sometimes feel like the process of creating the entity which is HartLife, and the story that is Our Fair City, has been a little bit like this.  Long odds, tragic consequences, big tasks…but damn us if we don’t have a protractor, and so many of our friends have brought their rulers and bits of string that I think we just might pull it off.

This week, we went to an amazing workshop with some folks from the city of Chicago on applying for arts grants, met with artists about improvements in our web presence, and will make key jumps in our Season Three writing process.  Get ready, folks.

See you in the tunnels,

Jeffrey Nils Gardner

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