A few Audio-drama shout-outs!

One of the coolest things about this project has been discovering the larger world of audio-drama.  Cool people, though we’ve been noticing something of a preponderance towards cold-weather areas…somewhat unsurprising, I guess.  If you’re enjoying Our Fair City (which returns to it’s regularly scheduled broadcasts this coming Wednesday, I might add), you should check out some of these groups.

The Sonic Society: an awesome group out of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada–they broadcast on CKDU 88.1 FM,  and showcase a number of different groups!  They aired Our Fair City in December, which we think is just dandy.  Check their podcast out for a good variety of audio drama styles and projects.

Radio Drama Revival: Fred Greenhalgh also collects audio drama from around the world, along with producing his own work through Final Rune productions–he’s working on a really neat series called The Cleansed–check it out!  You can hear a review of Our Fair City on Radio Drama Revival here.  He also interviewed Clayton, Michael, and Jeffrey about Our Fair City recently–stay tuned for an update on when that will go live!


The Leviathan Chronicles: Conspiracy theories, underwater adventures, immortals.  Kind of like a full-cast performance of a Tom Clancy cum Stephen King novel.

We’re Alive: A Zombie-Apocalypse drama, with one of the coolest website designs I’ve seen in an audio drama.

Theater of the Air: We’d also be totally remiss if we didn’t share this site, chock full of three very different shows, created by OFC all-star and new man on the block David Rheinstrom (he was the sound designer for our 2011 Holiday Episode, has joined our writer’s room, and has been an invaluable asset to the production of Season Two of Our Fair City.  Look forward to more cool stuff from him)!

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