Reanimator Holiday Cards

As discussed in Episode #6, the Reanimator community has always been lively, cooperative and on occasion, downright cordial.  Writer Jim McDoniel has salvaged several pieces of meta-canonical writing from a collection of wax cylinders, clay tablets, notes-in-bottles, and pseudo-biological neuro-memory hard drives.  He shares them here:

# 1

Happy Holidays from Herbert in Hartlife!

I hope these festively decorated cards find you all well. Although I should probably apologize to Marie since I ran out of glitter and had to use radiumon hers. Also, I did not get the Moose’s antlers on Victor’s quite right. But I digress.
As I’m sure you’ve realized by now, I am alive. After the spot of bother in Albuquerque, I have landed on my feet here in HartLife and in truth have never been happier. I have an able-bodied assistant, a wonderful and fascinating…experiment, and all the bodies I could ever want at my fingertips. They are literally just throwing them away. Barring any unforeseen disasters, I expect to finally unlock the secrets of life and death in the coming months. Watch for my celebratory letter.
In the mean time, let us raise our glasses to another year of unfettered scientific exploration and discovery.


PS Some of the radium may have spilled onto Harry and Louis’ cards as well. Check your Geiger counters.
* * *

# 2

Esteemed Colleagues,

Greetings from the Great White North (as opposed to the Great White East, West, or South.) This year the boy and I have decided to take a sight-seeing tour of the arctic circle. Very educational. Did you know that the cold up here burns? One very nearly feels warm when exposed to the elements.
We’ll be up here through the holidays. I cannot wait for junior to unwrap his decidedly mate-shaped present, though it occurs to me now that I should have poked a few holes in the box. Oh well. No Father of the Year award for me.
Must dash. The boy wants to play hide and seek out amongst the shipwrecks, the little scamp.
All the best,


* * *

# 3

Dear Fellows/lads

I hope these cards find you all in good health. Honestly, I hope these cards find you at all, carrier seals being so unreliable. Too easily distracted by herring. Too easily eaten by Kraken.
We’re good here. Nice, secluded but within walking distance of some really lovely sparsely populated Northern cities. I’m so glad we left were driven out of London. This is much better. Out of the hustle and bustle and into the quiet I always say. And fewer people means it’s harder for them to compare notes with each other.
My research progresses. Despite the suggestions of Victor and Herbert, the elixirs I fear are a dead end and so have turned instead toward genetics. Therein lies the key. I believe myself very close to unlocking the secret to agamogenesis. I can’t wait. Included are notes on my progress. If any of you have suggestions or ideas, please send them along by way of return seal.
Respectfully yours/Cheers

Henry and Edward

* * *

# 4


I knowe not how I came to be on this mailing list, but glad I am for it. Muche do yr letters amuse me. By different roades do we all pursue the same goals, Ye go by the lightning and acids of the modern worlde, I by that which came before. Still whether from piecemeal man or essential saltes, what matter it how we come by what we know. Knowledge is knowledge, truth is truth.
I would warn ye lot though, ye need tread carefully. Oft have I seen young’uns like yeselfs undone by their own researches. Tis importante that ye not call up any that ye cannot put back down againe.
Enclosed are some brownies that I baked myselfe. Do enjoye.

J.C. c/o C.D.W. with regards also from S.O., E.H., and H.P.L.

PS Herbert, I believe ye and I art practically neighbors. Ye should visite sometime. I shall save someone of interest for the occasion.


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