End of the Year Roundup

It came to me this morning, as I searched for something to blog about, that this would be our last post of 2011.  The second half of “Rats in the Walls” will be up next Wednesday, and we’ll return to the world of HartLife and Mrs. Rourke the Wednesday after.

Our Fair City has come a long way over the year.   In January, we launched our Season One Kickstarter campaign, raising nearly $3,000 from friends, family, ardent supporters and complete strangers.  In April, we launched Season One.

We celebrated, and dove right back into the writing process for Season Two.  Somewhere along the way–things snowballed.  Friends became business partners.  Acquaintances became legal representation became friends.  Casually interested spectators became key elements of the artistic team.  From a group of 6 twenty-somethings sitting around in a living room, Our Fair City has swollen to become a cohort of more than 70 hard-working allies.  We’ve sung Mole-Shanties, “critically dissected” the Road Warrior, and delved into the finer points of which mountains in New England would be best for lightning harvesting.  Oh yeah–and at some point, we actually got this thing on the web!


In the second half of the year, we threw another Launch Party, expanded our audience, recorded a second season, and were broadcast on an actual radio station(CKDU 88.1 FM in Nova Scotia, Canada through The Sonic Society)!

So, what is in store for the next year?  We don’t want to spill all our cards, but we’ve got a pretty robust set of objectives, including:

-In the first half of the year, the recording and release of Season Three of Our Fair City, where we’ll finally venture into the daring world of the Lightning Riggers

-Appearances at Conventions in the Midwest and across the country

-More broadcasts on radio stations, including an airing of one of our Seasons in Portland, ME in February

-A highly anticipated “live episode,” with live Foley and more–

-Our formal incorporation as  NFP in the state of Illinois

-And of course: even more Molepeople!


So.  Thank you all for listening, whether you’ve been with us from the beginning or are hearing us for the first time.  It’s been an amazing ride, and we can’t wait to see what happens next!


See you in the tunnels,
Jeffrey Gardner


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