The Doomsday Vault


That’s right, Policies – there are scientists hard at work even today, preparing for the inevitable. At the Global Seed Vault in Svalbard, over half a million samples of various domesticated food plants are currently housed in a climate-controlled underground vault designed to protect their genetic strains from “civil strife, war, natural catastrophes, and, more routinely but no less damagingly, poor management, lack of adequate funding, and equipment failures.”

This is vitally important – the number of plant species suitable for domestication is alarmingly small. Global average temperatures are rising, which drastically affects seasonal crop yields. With the Earth’s population recently and notably topping 7 billion (give or take), any decline in global food production is particularly alarming.

So today let us take a moment to celebrate the good people of Norway and the Global Crop Diversity Trust. Only by maintaining the biodiversity of our food supply can we possibly adapt to rapidly changing conditions and continue to feed the species. Make no mistake, friends – the world is changing, and nothing will ever be the same – and it’s changing fast enough that you and I will be around to see it happen. Let’s hope there are enough forward-thinking Scandinavians to make the new order survivable for at least a few of us.

See you in the tunnels.


Vice President Faits


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