Herbert West Contest!

Loyal Policies,

For Episode 4, our Production Manager, former Events Coordinator, and all-around Badass Betsey Palmer has created a Paper Doll Herbert West (for Training Purposes Only).  You should feel free to print this out, give it to your children, and teach educational seminars with it, but remember: Reanimator is not an approved Work Assignment for HartLife Policies.


That being said: if you do print out your own Herbert West Paper Doll (for training purposes only) and send us a picture sometime this week, we will send you one of our super-nifty HartLife tower posters, featuring the image to the left.  For those who are feeling creative, photograph it in a HartLife approved/thematically appropriate location, and we’ll send you a button as well!  The very best of the entries will get an even better prize—-


Post them to our facebook at www.facebook.com/ourfaircityradio (and Like us, while you’re there), or email it to us at [email protected]

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