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Loyal Policies,

Being a small, internet-based arts organization, it should come as no surprise that Our Fair City runs heavily on Google products.  We store our script archive in Google Docs, most of us use Gmail and Gchat to discuss day-to-day workings of the project, and we’re even talking about moving our writers meetings over to the occasional google+ huddle.   That being said, the most useful thing we have is Google Analytics.

Google Analytics tracks the number of visitors to our site, how they got there (linked from another site, google search, typed into their browser, etc), and more.  We’ve learned some fascinating things:

-For most of the first season, we had approximately 100 regular listeners each week.

-Most people found us either through facebook or through a direct hit.

-For some time, we had more listeners in Israel than Canada.

My favorite trick: when someone clicks to us on a google search, Analytics records what they searched for.  There were the expected permutations (our fair city, my fair city, your fair city, clayton faits, jeffrey gardner, ansel burch, etc)- but my two favorites, bar none?

Someone decided to check out our site, after entering the search querries:

“Nautical Kraken”


“what happens when u cut earthworms in half”


We learn new stuff about our demographic everyday.


See you in the tunnels,

Vice President Gardner

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