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Season One / Complete - Season One

Welcome, Loyal Polices…to Our Fair City. The following audio record comprises Season One of the glorious True Histories of the HartLife Corporation in its entirety. We hope you enjoy this remastered and reissued version. To read more about this new edition of Season One, click here. To hear the original recordings of Season One, start here.

You can download a transcript of this episode here.

  • The Narrator— Ansel Burch
  • Nathan Rourke— Clayton Faits
  • Jack— Mark Soloff
  • Neal Henderson— Sebastian H. Orr
  • Old Lady— Lauren Faits
  • Alison Dalton— Nina O’Keefe
  • Elizabeth Rourke— Tara Schile
  • Andrew Snidge— Frank Sjodin
  • Clay— Tyler Samples
  • Sandy— Abby Doud
  • Peat— Jared Latore
  • MolePerson Overseer— Jeffrey Gardner
  • Vice President Davenport— Ben Aldred
  • Special Agent George Chamberlain— Jim McDoniel
  • Doctor Emily Caligari— Marsha Harman
  • The Professor— Ginneh Jolan
  • The Dean— Jim McDoniel
  • The TA— Mark Soloff
  • Doctor Herbert West— Ryan Schile
  • The Voice of HartLife— Jeffrey Gardner

Written by Clayton Faits, with Ansel Burch, Jim McDoniel, Frank Sjodin. Directed by Jeffrey Gardner. Sound Design by Ryan Schile. Music by Stephen Poon. Episode art by Robin Billadeau.  Produced by David Rheinstrom.  Production Management by Betsey Palmer. Created by Clayton Faits.