Our Fair City Video Blog #1

Hello Policies!

Below is the very first Video Blog from Jeffrey and Clayton!  We’ll be doing these periodically, giving you a small window into the inner workings of OFC.  They will likely include rants from our writing staff, opinions from our webmaster, and quite possibly ravings from our sound designer.    They are recorded in The Our Fair City Recording Studio (also known as Clayton’s apartment), using a High-end audio/visual communication device (also known as a droid.  Like, the phone, not an R2 unit.  You’ll notice at no point are we static-y, blue, or asking for Obi-wan’s help).

We’ll be taking a brief hiatus from Episodes this week- Episode 11, “Let’s Make a Deal,” will be released next wednesday.  Get excited!


See you in the tunnels,


Jeffrey Gardner

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