HartLife Welcomes You

Welcome to the new iteration of Our Fair City’s website!

As you can see, loyal Policies of HartLife are now provided with a blog, an about-us section detailing the exploits of the artists who created Our Fair City and the donors who support them, and of course, all of the episodes released so far with even more original artwork to accompany them(Nota Bene: we are currently updating the archive–the full list of episodes will be up soon)!  Over the next weeks you’ll see even more improvements…stay tuned!

For new Policies: Our Fair City is a darkly funny, highly whimsical Radio Drama series, a look at corporate consumerism all grown up, set in the not so distant future.   The skies are stormy, and the landscape is a vast frozen tundra- lightning rigs high above the city gather energy from thunderstorms, mad scientists walk the earth, and adorable molepeople tunnel underground to make room for the ever-expanding human population.
Our Fair City is necessary and advisable, and has new episodes released every Wednesday!

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