Update #6: Where do we go from here?

Wow! Initial goal reached!
Thank you all so much for your support. This has been an amazing ride so far—but we’re not anywhere near done!

We’ve been circling our wagons, and would love to share a few pieces of information regarding our plans for any extra funding, and the immediate future of Our Fair City-

First off, because we’ve hit our goal so quickly, we’ve been able to accelerate our release schedule, and feel confident in releasing our launch date—so, mark your calendars, sound the drumroll–

April 2, we will go live on the web at www.OurFairCity.com, and host an AMAZING launch party in the great city of Chicago! Stay tuned here for details—we will of course be inviting all of our donors who are in the area (or who feel inclined to travel!)

In addition, we’ve been able to get the Our Fair City Season One t-shirts rolling ahead of schedule! You’ll notice there is a new donation level available on the side- donating at the $75 level (or above) will get you a customized shirt marking you as a founding donor! This will be your only chance to get this t-shirt. Of course, all levels above $75 will also have this reward rolled in.

So! Mark your calendars for April 2, and we’ll see you at the Launch Party!


Jeffrey G

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