Update #5: We made it!

Ladies and Gentlemen – through the combined efforts of your incredible generosity, we have made our initial Kickstarter goal! In fact, we have exceeded our threshold $2,000 number, meaning we have funded ALL of the basic requirements of Season One! The show is officially a reality. We couldn’t be more ecstatic.

What we’re really amazed by is the speed at which we hit our Season One goal: we surpassed our target just 13 days after launching—less than a week [EDIT: the editors now note that 13 days is in fact less than two weeks. That’s how excited we are. We’ve lost all notion of space and time]! That’s entirely because of you folks–we’re stunned by how many people have stepped up to support the project.

It also means that we’ve still got 27 days left of fundraising available on Kickstarter. For those of you who are reading this on the Kickstarter site and would still like to pledge and get in on some of these rewards—never fear! We’re rapidly devising a plan for what we will do with any funds raised above $2,000—stay tuned for a new video from Clayton and me in the next day or two!

Again, thank you to all our current and future pledgers—your support means so much to us, and we’re even more excited to get Our Fair City out on the (internet) airwaves!


Jeffrey Gardner
Our Fair City

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