Update #2: For those of you not in Chicago…

..or not in any way connected to a major news outlet, you may have missed the fact that Chicago is currently undergoing what is being termed, variously:

The Snowpocalypse

In any case: we’d like to note that (as Our Fair City takes place in a world where a massive freeze has ended life-as-we-know-it), we’re all writing frantically, drawing inspiration from the cold, and trying to stay out of large snowdrifts. Not necessarily in that order. Plus, the Large Science Museum where several of the writing and production staff are employed has decided to not open due to weather tomorrow, for the first time in anyone’s recent memory. And by recent memory, I mean “nobody who we have talked to has ever seen it happen.”

Also, we have thundersnow.

That’s right—lightning and thunder, during the snowstorm.

We’re in for an epic night. Thank you all so much for your support, and stay warm!

Jeffrey Gardner
Our Fair City

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